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Protect What Is Important.

                                      Your Family

Watch your kids while you're away.  Learn techniques like how a camera can trigger email indicating they've safely returned from school.

                                        Your Business

Learn how placing cameras on goods and point of sale locations to stop theft is just one of many advantages video surveillance provides.

                                        Your Property

Keep a video log of anyone who steals delivery packages, yard items, mail, commits vandalism, or otherwise invades your private property.

                                 Your Precious Possessions

You can't always be there, but remote viewing can provide assurance when all is ok and the ability to call for timely help when things are not.

Welcome to WattWire! Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing, it has now become affordable for all sizes of businesses and families to install high quality video surveillance systems. Navigate this site to discover how WattWire installations can simultaneously record video from just a couple or dozens of cameras. Whether in bright daylight or the dead of night, cameras and recording systems can be busy working for you tirelessly around the clock creating quality, permanent archives. Live or recorded video can be securely accessed locally or anywhere within the reach of the internet. Emphasis is placed ease-of-use and customer satisfaction. With WattWire you’ll get a well-designed professional installation that stands head and shoulders above the competition and is backed up with first class support.

WattWire currently has two locations. The Los Gatos, CA office (near San Jose), managed by Dave Watt, proudly serves the San Francisco Bay Area while  Michael T. Watt in our Fresno office directs all business in the San Joaquin Valley.
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